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Why are there no prices listed for many of the machines you sell?

As an authorized dealer for the manufacturers that we represent, we have a contract with them not to sell machines through mail order, phone order, or online. The manufacturers want to make sure that you, the customer, are provided with training, knowledge, service, and repair (as needed) by a reputable and knowledgeable sewing machine dealer instead of a P.O. Box number.

I can't afford a new machine. Do you sell used machines?

Yes, we do! We have a good selection of quality used machines starting at just $89. All of our used machines have been serviced in-store by a qualified repair person.

I don't see a machine that I like on your website or in your store, but you are an authorized dealer for that manufacturer. Will you be able to special order a machine from the manufacturer?

While we strive to satisfy all of our customers, special requests such as these vary greatly in what we can do for you. Please contact us to see if we will be able to fill your special request.

I need a special presser foot for my machine that you don't have in stock. Will you be able to special order that foot for me?

As long as that part is in our catalog we can certainly order it for you!

Are all the products listed on your website all that you carry?

The machines that you see listed under sewing machines, sergers, and embroidery machines are what we currently have available in stock for new machines. We have a good selection of used machines as well. We also have a great selection of accessories, notions, and tools that are not listed on the website. Drop by our store and browse around to see what we have to offer!

How long will it usually take to repair my sewing machine?

Sewing machines left with us for repair will be finished within 3 weeks. If we are not too busy, some minor repairs can be fixed on the spot or within a few hours. Your patience is always appreciated.

When can I pick up my machine after it has been repaired?

Repairs should be picked up as soon as possible after the customer is notified that they are ready.

Any finished repair left over 6 months will become the property of Gratz Sewing.


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