Why Buy a Machine From a Dealer?

With the surge of Internet commerce you're probably wondering why should you buy your next machine from a dealer. Admittedly, you can probably find better deals and cheaper prices from online sources, auctions, even in the classified ads. But here are some things that you may not have considered.

You get what you pay for.

Buying over the Internet sounds like a good deal, because you saw that $500 machine at an online retailer or auction for $250.

But what do you get with that?

  • Do you receive a warranty?
  • Can you return it if it's defective?
  • What kind of support will you receive when you're having problems?

Those are just the least of the questions that probably have negative answers. Many times online retailers will have a "sold as-is, no warranty, no exchanges, no refunds" policy, and it can be quite difficult to get the answers you need.

Shopping for where you will be purchasing your machine from is usually more important than what machine you are purchasing.

Click here for a Buyer's Checklist of questions that you should be asking the retailer when shopping around for your next machine.

It may be illegal.

Authorized dealers for certain machine manufacturers must sign a dealer agreement. In this agreement, the dealer is prohibited from selling machines by any method other than in their retail establishment.

Manufacturers want to ensure that a customer will be able to get the support and products for their new machine without any trouble. These manufacturers make top quality machines which can be quite expensive to repair if you're not using the correct accessories for that machine.

When buying a machine from an authorized dealer, you are sure to be able to get the correct accessories specifically made for your machine.

Your warranty may not be valid.

This relates to the above. If you don't purchase your machine from an authorized dealer, the manufacturer can render your warranty invalid and has no obligation to fix your machine. You could end up spending hundreds on your repair bill, when the warranty could have covered it if you had bought it from an authorized dealer.

Perks, what perks?

Many times, authorized dealers are required by the manufacturers to provide instructional classes on the use and care of their machines. These classes are usually free of charge and the dealer may have other classes available such as embroidery or technique classes that you can attend. There are no retailers out there that will offer to fly you in to take an instructional class, if they even offer any.

Special deals are offered by the manufacturer that the dealer may pass on to the public. Buy a serger, get 40 spools of top quality thread. Buy a sewing machine, get additional presser feet. You won't find these deals at online retailers.

Trade ups! When you're machine just doesn't do it for you anymore and you need more features, stitches, or whatever, what do you do with it? Just like a car dealer, you can usually take your old machine in and trade it in for the purpose of using it as partial payment for a new machine. It's highly unlikely that you can do that with an online retailer.

So, when shopping for a new machine, keep those things in mind and think twice before buying on the Internet. As always, caveat emptor...buyer beware!


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